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Background and History of FECO

The Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) is an institution affiliated to Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. It was founded in 1989 and is mandated to coordinate and manage the funds of projects in cooperation with international financial organizations and for implementation of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and bilateral assistances, as well as other foreign cooperation activities in the field of environmental protection. In over 20 years of development, FECO gradually established a unique operation pattern focusing on the following focal areas:

In recent years, FECO has made great progress and achievements. In Montreal Protocol implementation, China has phased out a total of 100,000 tons of ODS production and 110,000 tons of ODS consumption, accounting for 50% of the total phaseout in developing countries, and realized the advanced phaseout of major controlled substances by two and half years ahead of schedule, becoming an example for the developing countries, and was given the Award for Implementation of the Montreal Protocol by the United Nations. In Stockholm Convention Implementation, FECO coordinated the formulation of the National Implementation Plan (NIP) and implemented a series of demonstration projects for reduction, phaseout and control of POPs in many sectors, and completely phased out 9 pesticidal POPs by May 2009. In implementation of the Convention on Biodiversity, FECO coordinated and established the partnership of biodiversity in China based upon several projects under bilateral, GEF and Sino-European cooperation, and supported the formulation of the Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity in China and other key policies. In response to the climate change, FECO developed a series of CDM projects with total GHGs reduction accounting for over 20% of the total in the world. In bilateral and multilateral cooperation, FECO has been giving persistent efforts in seeking funds and advanced technologies as well as managerial concepts and ideas to strengthen and facilitate capacity building, industrial restructuring and historical transition for environmental protection in China. In global environmental policies studies, FECO enhanced its tracking and study on global environmental issues and policy updates, providing technical support to decision making in environmental protection in China.

On September 14, 2009, FECO convened the High-level Forum on Global Environmental Cooperation and Inauguration of the Environmental Conventions Building, marking a new stage of development of FECO. Mr. Zhou Shengxian, Minister of Environmental Protection of China, stressed at the Forum that China is willing to strengthen cooperation with the international society for common development so as to create a new era of global environmental cooperation. In response, FECO will try its best to further support the key tasks of environmental protection in China, and to contribute to construction of ecological civilization and exploration of the new path for environmental protection in China.

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