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FECO Staff met with Bolivian Ambassador to Discuss Cooperation Projects in Environmental Protection and Remediation
Date: 10-27-2014
Four FECO staff went to the Bolivian Embassy in China and had a meeting with Guillermo Chalup Liendo, the Ambassador of Bolivia to China to discuss the cooperation projects in environmental protection and resources recovery on October 15, 2014. FECO representatives proposed several cooperation projects of wastewater treatment in urban and rural areas and remediation of contaminated metal mines in Bolivia. Ambassador Chalup welcomed FECO for cooperation and said he would forward FECO’s proposal and request to Bolivian Ministry of Environment, the National Corporation of Mining Industry and other relevant departments of Bolivia immediately. Ambassador Chalup expressed his hope to keep contact with FECO and visit FECO at the convenience of both parties.

Currently the wastewater treatment facilities are insufficient and inefficient with out-of-the-date technology and poor management in Bolivia. It also lacks funding for expansion, upgrading and operation. Large amount of untreated wastewater is used for agricultural irrigation or discharged into rivers and lakes directly, which threaten and hurt the health and environment of local people, crops and animals. The Bolivian Ministry of Environment has requested FECO to provide support and assistance for Bolivia's water pollution treatment. FECO is looking forward to the in-depth discussion with Bolivian Ministry of Environment on the proposed cooperation projects. FECO also would like to cooperate with Bolivian partners in the environmental remediation of metal mine wastes in Bolivia.

FECO has conducted the environmental risk assessment for three metal mines of Yunnan Chihong Co. Ltd in Bolivia in 2013. FECO’s delegation visited the mine sites, the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Mining Industry and the National Corporation of Mining Industry of Bolivia. Through the assessment and on-site visits, FECO has gathered valuable information and established good relationship with the local government, the Chinese embassy and the relevant Chinese enterprises in Bolivia.
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