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International Symposium on Innovation and Development of Compliance of Environmental Conventions held in Beijing
Date: 12-09-2014
With the approval of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), the International Symposium on Innovation and Development of Compliance of Environmental Conventions was held in Beijing on November 28th, 2014. Commissioned by Minister of MEP Zhou Shengxian, vice Minister Li Ganjie attended the symposium and delivered an important speech. The symposium was hosted by Mr. Chen Liang, Director General of Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO). Former vice Director and Deputy Secretary of China’s State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) Zhu Guangyao, former vice Minister of MEP Zhang Lijun, former vice Director of SEPA Wang Yangzu, former Chief Engineer Xu Huaqing and more than 270 representatives from environmental systems, other ministries, international organizations, research institutes, industry associations and enterprises attended the symposium.

Vice Minister Li Ganjie stressed in his speech that FECO is an important part of China's environmental protection. FECO has gone through a tough development from scratch, from small to large, from large to strong and has made full use of its strategic domestic and international advantages. FECO has made outstanding achievements and successfully built its dazzling brand: 1. formed a complete business system; 2. established a broad platform for cooperation; 3. explored a mature management mechanism; 4. cultivated an excellent team; 5. constructed a building with international influence; 6. accumulated a positive culture.

Vice Minister Li Ganjie pointed out that currently profound changes are taking place in the international cooperation on environmental protection and brings about new opportunities and challenges. General Secretary Xi Jiping has put forth important strategic thoughts to take a peaceful development way, to construct new international win-win relationship and to build a common destiny, which have endowed the international cooperation on environmental protection with new connotation and mandate. The great practice of eco-civilization construction and exploration of new approaches of environmental protection has placed high expectation on the international cooperation of environmental protection. China being as the second largest economy, a responsible great power as well as the initiative and practitioners of eco-civilization construction has also put forward a new proposition on the international cooperation of environmental protection.

Facing new situation and new task, vice Minister Li Ganjie suggested that FECO actively explore new roads of international cooperation on environmental protection and further expounded new features of the new roads regarding strategic position, strategic objective, guideline, general idea, role and main goals. He also expressed his expectation of FECO to speed up transformation development along with innovation with both domestic and international sides taken into consideration and to consolidate and expand its roles and mandates (implementation of international environmental conventions, bilateral and multilateral cooperation on environment and global environmental policies studies as the main business areas supported by the international environmental consultation services) so as to better serve the construction of eco-civilization and to make great contribution to the construction of beautiful China and realize the great rejuvenation and China Dream of the Nation.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhu Guangyao, Mr. Zhang Lijun, Mr. Wang Yangzu, Mr. Xu Qinghua as former Senior Management of MEP fully affirmed the achievements of FECO in environmental convention implementation and international cooperation and showed great expectation for the future. Other guests and representatives included Mr. Yang Yingming, Deputy Director General of the Department of International Affairs of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Zhang Shigang, Country Coordinator of UNEP China Office, Carsten Germer, Assistant Country Director of UNDP in China, Mr. Li Haisheng, Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of MEP, Mr. Xia Guang, Director General of the Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy of MEP, Mr. Zhu Jinghai, Director General of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Liaoning Province, Mr. Hu Jianxin College of Environmental Sciences & Engineering of Peking University, Mr. Jiang Feng, Secretary General of China Household Electrical Appliances Association and Mr. Shen Xuezhong, vice chairman of Changshu 3F Fluorochemical Industry Co. Ltd. They shared opinions and exchanged views on issues such as new challenges and pressure of environmental convention, establishment of funding mechanism and investment guarantee of convention implementation, cooperation and specialization between central and local government on convention implementation, convention implementation coordination and international cooperation mechanism for central government, relationship between convention implementation and rule by law, influence of convention implementation on technology refreshment and industrial upgrading of related industries, enterprises participation in environmental convention implementation, etc. 

Guests and representatives also watched documentary of "one country, one dream" and visited thematic exhibition of "Achievements of Environmental Convention Implementation and International Cooperation for 25 years ".
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