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FECO Held Symposium on Future Innovation and Development
Date: 12-09-2014

On the afternoon of November 28, as an important measure to carry out the important spirit of the International Symposium on Innovation and Development of Compliance of Environmental Conventions in the morning, the Symposium on Future Innovation and Development was held by FECO to discuss how to expand channels and innovate patterns to create a new development pattern with the symposium in the morning as a new starting point according to the new thought, new requirements and new tasks brought up by Mr. Li Ganjie, Vice Minister of MEP. Current management of FECO including Secretary Zhao Weijun, and Vice Directors Yu Lifeng, Li Pei, Fang Li and Xiao Xuezhi attended the symposium. Mr. Lv Huangsheng, former member of FECO management of former State Environmental Protection Administration and chairman of the Board of Supervisors for State-Owned Key Large Enterprises, also attended the symposium and gave a speech. Li Junfeng, director of National Center of Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC) of National Development and Reform Commission, Wen Wurui, director of Tianjian EPB and former director of FECO, Ren Xiguang, director of Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy, Li Wei, secretary-general of China Environmental Protection Foundation, staff who used to work in FECO including Guo Jing, director of China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Center, Song Xiaozhi, vice Director General of Department of International Cooperation of MEP, Lu Bin, vice director General of Service Center for the Agencies Affiliated to MEP, retirees such as Yue Ruisheng, former secretary of FECO, and Liu Yuchun, former leader of FECO, and all current staff of FECO attended the symposium, and provided suggestions for FECO’s transformation and development.

The symposium was chaired by Director General Chen Liang. Firstly, the current management including Secretary Zhao Weijun, and Vice Directors Yu Lifeng, Li Pei, Fang Li and Xiao Xuezhi made reports on FECO’s efforts and progress in innovation and development including providing environmental consultation services for enterprises’ “going global”, applying for GEF national implementation entity, capital investment, innovative development of water and air platform, innovative practice of environmental finance“ such as “bank credit funds, government grants and risk investment capitals”, preparation for the implementation of Minamata Convention on Mercury, establishment of Climate Change & Carbon Emission Validation, Verification and Certification Center, and the negotiation of Montreal Protocol. Representatives at the symposium came up with many new ideas and thoughts based on the spirit embodied in the speech of Vice Minister Li Ganjie, including relying on current work, seizing the significant strategic opportunities of the construction of “One Belt and One Road” and ecological civilization, and the synergetic development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and making full use of the current situation to carry out work and creating a new environment for foreign cooperation. Meanwhile, representatives also brought up suggestions for enhancing exchanges and cooperation from many aspects.

Lv Huangsheng pointed out in his speech that, FECO has accumulated experiences and formed spirit in its development, and for future innovative development, it is necessary, firstly to break down the constrains and to free minds, so as to impart the concept of innovation into people’s minds; secondly to attach great importance to the training development of young people, so as to give full play to their initiative; thirdly to adhere to the “internationalized” path with the combination of FECO’s core businesses; fourthly to carry on and develop FECO’s core culture of “solidarity, earnest, openness, progressiveness, harmony and positiveness”, so as to lead FECO people to devote themselves to the cause development; and fifthly to emphasize reading and learning, so as to improve staff’s quality and create a study-oriented FECO.

Director General Chen Liang remarked that, the development of FECO accumulated the wealth and spiritual wealth of “Six Ones” (One Business, One Platform, One System, One Team, One Building, and One Culture”), created the shining brand of FECO on such a basis, and established confidence on such a path; in recent years, FECO continued to adhere to the idea of innovation and development, and carried out a series of measures for innovation and development according to the new situation and made substantial progress. In his important speech, Vice Minister Li Ganjie specified the new requirements of exploring new path for foreign cooperation on environmental protection, and made in-depth elaboration on the strategic positioning, strategic targets, guidelines, general ideas, functional positioning and specific tasks. FECO held a symposium on that afternoon to study the spirit of the international symposium. It is both very timely and necessary to study and discuss the future innovation and development. Mr. Lv Huangsheng’s inclusive speech offered foresight and wide view, and gave great guidance to FECO on how to initiate a new path for foreign cooperation on environmental protection. All divisions have to further study and carry out the spirits embodied in these two symposiums, summarize the experiences in FECO’s development, and transform the experiences into motive for progress. All FECO people have to keep in mind FECO’s Mission, Aim, Role, Idea, and Strategy (MARIS) for constant innovation, constantly explore innovation and break bottlenecks, so that FECO can enjoy great development through 5 to 10 years’ efforts, and take a solid step towards the goal of “Six Centers” (technology center for the implementation of international environmental conventions; GEF national implantation entity; climate change & carbon emission validation, verification and certification center; environmental finance and environmental protection industry foundation development center; pollution prevention and control center based on water, air and soil platform; and international consultant agency relying on China Green Enterprise Limited).

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