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The implementation project of Stockholm Convention on POPs contributed to the issue of certification rules of medical waste disposal facility and application of BAT/BEP technologies
Date: 06-02-2015

To promote the implementation of Stockholm Convention on POPs, MEP/FECP organized a subproject named ‘Construction of medical waste disposal facility certification and evaluation system’ under the GEF  project “Environmentally Sustainable Management of Medical Wastes in China”. Experts reviewed and accepted the ouputs submitted by the subcontractors, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry and Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, on May 22nd, 2015.

With the support of the subproject, Central Association (Beijing) Certification Center published two certification rules of medical waste disposal facilities (incineration and non-incinerations) on May 18th, 2015. Four equipment suppliers of autoclave, dry heat and pyrolysis technologies participated in the pilot evaluation under the above rules, and obtained the certifications of the environmental protection products.

Provided by a third party, environmental protection product certification, aims at evaluating whether environment pollution control facilities,/ eco-environment improvement equipment, natural resource protection devicies and environmental monitor instruments comply with related standards or technical requirements. In conjunction with other standards and regulations, environmental protection product certification of medical waste disposal facility could guide companies to choose disposal facilities that can meet BAT/BEP requirements. The certification will play an important role in further improving medical wastes management system, enhancing medical wastes management and disposal abilities, and promoting the application of BAT/BEP in medical wastes disposal industry.
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